Can’t connect to Emon Base

I’ve lost contact with my Emon Base (Raspberry Pi). It no longer shows up on WiFi. Connecting the LAN cable directly to router doesn’t help either. Likewise a direct LAN connection to my Mac fails to be detected. Even resorting to HDMI, mouse and keyboard, I only get a pretty rainbow colored screen. Is Emon Base simply dead and I need a new one or is there anything else I can try before contacting sales?

How long have you had it? My guess is the SD Card has failed. You just need a new one and flash an emonSD image to it or buy a ready flashed card from the shop.

Brian, thanks a good suggestion and better than a whole pi, but I only bought it in November 2019. I’ll order one and see. Dave

Is this the rainbow screen of which you speak?

If so, that means the boot files on your SD card are missing or corrupted. The rainbow screen
indicates the Pi is hanging at the start of the boot process. If it’s a case of boot file corruption, you
might be able to fix the boot partition. Either way, I agree with Brian. It sounds like the card is bad, or
going bad, and needs replacing.

More info here:

Yes indeed that’s the screen. New SD Card ordered. Dave

Try reflashing it and see if it works though I’d be inclined to not trust the card.

Where did it come from? There are lots of fakes out there that look cheap. Buy from a reputable dealer, or direct from Amazon :rofl:.