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Can I use kampstrup MULTICAL 603?


I am gathering information what hardware will be needed to have advanced monitoring system for my Viessmann Vitocal 200a. I really like OEM solution and will fully meet my needs.

I went through " Selecting the right heat meter" guide and I want to choose right heat meter. I got option to go for kamstrup MULTICAL 403 or 603. I can get both for some money. Will 603 be better choose and give me anything more then 403 ? Is the hardware and software setup same as 403 ? Or should I stick to 403 ?

Also I been offered HC-003-66 BACnet module with 603. Can you tell me which type of module do I need to be able withdraw data from heat meter to EMONCMS ? I have attached picture of all module. I will really appreciate your help with choosing right one .

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