Can I take my solar data from node red in to Open energy monitor?


Can any one help me?
I have a solar set up with multiplu solis inverters. the solis app is not very good at displaying the data clear because off this.

I have all the info I need in node red. is there a way of taking this data and recording it in open energy moniter?

so i can look back over days and months you see what is going on.

thank you

It’s certainly possible and there are at least 2 ways.

You can add a node red node (node-red-node-emoncms) which lets you fetch or post data to emoncms. that’s probably the easier way, but you will probably need to clean up your data a bit.

You could also use mqtt.

I use both methods, however I’m not an expert on either node red or emoncms and I only made them work by a tedious process of trial and error, so I’m not in a position to give any more detailed guidance.

Yes as Bill said. The issue is usually getting the format of the data string (JSON) correct.