Can I pay someone to make an ESP32 for Mitsubishi heat pump control?

Hi everyone. I’ve got a couple of Mitubishi Heavy Industries air conditioning units / heat pumps in my home. I’d like to control them via Home Assistant and an IR blaster doesn’t provide enough control or any feedback.

I know it’s possible to hack it using an ESP32 - but I’m not confident enough with a soldering iron, and given that this involves an expensive AC unit and mains electricity, I don’t want to die or break the unit.

So I was wondering if there is anyone out there I can pay to put together a correctly configured ESP32 with the right connector on (CN105) for me? (I am based in the UK).


Hi there

The linked GitHub uses an esp8266 (predecessor of esp32).

It looks like you can avoid all soldering and circuit construction (which is necessitated by 5v to 3.3v conversion ) by using this :

there are lots of these esp8266 / esp01 5v-3v level shifting boards around on ebay and amazon.

The linked GitHub site gives links to buy pre-made connectors / pigtails which leaves you only to connect the wires to the correct 4 pins (5v,gnd,rx,tx)

Should be easy
It is all low voltage, so you don’t have to worry about mains electricity (except when you are inside the unit plugging it in)

The linked GitHub is simply a library… you’d have to write your own code using it to do anything useful

hope that helps

You can give mine a try, not got as much info on the air conditioning side - but can provide firmware updates based on SwiCago:

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This looks great! Will order one once I’ve opened up my heat pump to check it has a CN105! (90% sure it does.)

Really stupid question, sorry: If I connect it and it isn’t compatible, is there any risk of your device… breaking the heat pump in anyway? Like if is sending rogue commands/etc? (Presumably I can just unplug - but is there any risk it could do anything dodgy with electricity that could break the unit or start a fire?)

If it isn’t compatible it’s low voltage data signals only and most likely to not to do anything rather than cause malfunction.

There is of course the official Mitsubishi WiFi units if you are in any doubt, but by exploring 3rd party devices and code you must be willing to accept some level of imperfection.