Can emonBase read generic device 433mhz data?


I just received my emonBase (emonBase_RFM69SPI). I would like to add some generic temp/humidity sensors, which transmit readings over 433mhz. See one such sensor in the link below…

AcuRite 06044M Wireless Temperature and Humidity Monitor Sensor

I am wondering if anyone could give me guidance about how to bring that sensor data into my emonBase. Ideally the base will read it itself. Alternatively, maybe I need a different 433mhz receiver and then need to send and/or convert and send the data to the Base. Unfortunately I am pretty limited on Linux, but can follow and figure things out fairly well, if I have at least a conceptual roadmap.

If I get this working Ill report back for others to follow.

Thanks for the help!

My immediate thought is, does it use exactly the same r.f. settings as we do, with the same message protocol and the same encryption key? If it’s got a Hope RFM69CW inside, there’s a slim possibility that it might work with your emonBase. The second thought is, can it be made to be the same, with new software?

If not, the problem becomes one of knowing which type of message is going to arrive next at the emonBase, so that the emonBase can set itself up to receive it - and this will be a near impossibility even if you know how to decode it.

So I think the realistic answer is no, it cannot.

There’s also no mention on their website of anything other than their (proprietary) web access, I get the feeling that they’ll have deliberately made it difficult if not impossible to get the data by any other means.

Your likely only method will be to set up an account at AcuRight and ‘scrape’ the website for your data.

Of course, the much easier answer is right under your nose: emonTH -Temperature & Humidity Node - Shop | OpenEnergyMonitor
or even

Hi Robert. Thanks very much for the quick reply!

I know others are connecting with the temp device using generic and/or cheap flashed 433khz receivers. I dont know much about this yet. Ill find out from others who do. When (if) I find an answer as to how to access and send data to emon, Ill report back.

As to the emonTh2, yes I like the one I bought very much. However in this case I need a very small, inexpensive device with a display. I will be placing these on walls of 90 special-needs low income housing units to help monitor heat throughout an older building with a single control steam heating system. Its important for the residents to see the temp and for us to monitor/log/track all the temps to balance out the hot/cold spots.

Thanks again for your reply and guidance.