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Call for iOS app testing

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RIght, I’m at a stage where I would love some feedback on the iOS app as it stands today. So, this is a call for anyone who wants to be part of the testing programme to let me know their Apple ID email address and I can add you.

@Jon, @bidouilleur, @Dmacnz - you all were wanting to test I think?

I’ll send out notes with the build when it’s ready, but things are quite basic so far. I’ve been fiddling around with how best to build the app such that it does what we need and can be built upon easily. I was going down the route of making the MyElectric app, etc. But I think that’s actually the wrong approach now. I think we need that functionality, but it’s too limiting. And the Android app is moving away from a single MyElectric app too. My approach is going to be to be based around feeds, and graphing those feeds, and then you can favourite the graphs, and essentially make little dashboards. And then have pre-built dashboards for something like MyElectric which is just a power line chart above a kWh daily bar chart.

Anyway, I ramble. Please let me know if you’d like to help test!

Matt - I sent you my apple ID via PM. Jon

sorry was away for several days … sending you the id via PM

Matt - I received the invite and testflight is installed. But the emoncms app requires iOS 10.0 and that I don’t have yet. Can it be compiled for iOS 9 (like 9.3.5)?

Interesting, I just signed up with an account and can’t find the PM button, or a way to PM @mattjgalloway . I’ve got iOS 9.3.1 and would like to take the app for a test drive.

Edit: Got granted Basic user priv’s fixed the message issue

You can always email me - [email protected] - and I can set you up.

Currently I’m only supporting iOS 10 though. I should have mentioned this as someone else has said they’re on 9. It was easiest for me. I might be able to support 9 - I’ll have to check what I’m currently using in the app.

Thanks for the interest! I’m excited by everyone who wants to test this!

version b2

Scanning the qr code works and loads all feeds. You can select a feed and generate a chart and save it.
Chart is available in charts menu.


When all above is ok you have a third thing that goes wacko
In settings you have 1 option = log out. That goes perfect and it returns you to the initial setup menu. Used scan qr code again and from there it goes wrong. Nothing works correctly and you finish with just 3 menu’s that don’t work. You have to ‘force close’ and start from zero.

In chart you can choose several time periods : scale for month and year seems wrong to me. It stays in the time scale instead going in day/month scale ?

Suggestion :

include an about screen from where you can see what version we use (you might have feedback on several versions over time) and maybe in there ‘report a bug’ opening the active mailclient with basic info from app + iphone where people can directly add comment and send to a generic feedback mail ?

Sorry for not replying sooner.

This is all great feedback! Thanks!!

Good idea on the about screen. I’ll add some details to the settings tab I think. And yes I want a report bug thing. Ideally it will also send me logs as well. I’ve done this in the past and it’s useful for debugging issues.

Wow, nice work getting to testing stage! Screenshots look ace. I don’t own an IOS device but I’m sure my friend @David_Hunnisett will be interested to test.

Maybe I should get an ipod touch so I can join the party… :wink:

@mattjgalloway has there been progress to make the ios app available for ios9? I’m jailbroken and do not want to loose the jailbreak, but would like to test the app.

happy to do some testing too.
just got the entire stack running from your git hub.
It was a wee bit awkward switching the signing certs and getting the pods working to start with.

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do you want bugs here on github issues ? (crashes without a watch if you goto watch settings)

Issues on GitHub would be fantastic yes. That’ll be the best way to track them for me.

Ah, interesting about the crash without a watch! That’s kinda weird as I was testing it without a watch, but I must have messed something up.

I have the watch and can test it but I’m not good enough to compile etc
The actual beta doesn’t seems to include the watch part ??

It’s not in the beta yet, because it’s not finished by any means. But I’ll tidy it up soon and get a new beta out.