Calibration of input using emonhub.conf and emonTX+emonESP

Hello, I am trying to calibrate the voltage input from my emonTX device because here in continental Europe (Italy) we have a different voltage than UK and the readings are not correct.

I have an emonPI device, which I have correctly configured with this config lines:


nodename = emonpi
names = power1,power2,power1pluspower2,vrms,t1,t2,t3,t4,t5,t6,pulsecount
datacodes = h, h, h, h, h, h, h, h, h, h, L
scales = 0.958,0.958,0.958,0.00958,0.1,0.1,0.1,0.1,0.1,0.1,1
units = W,W,W,V,C,C,C,C,C,C,p

I would like to do the same thing with emonTX, which communicates with emonPI via a wi-fi connection (using the emonESP module).

In the inputs page of the administration panel of the emonPI, I can see the emontx node, but this node is not present in the emonhub.conf file. Can I add it? What node id should I use?

I think that using the emontx3cm15 node id should be an error, since that node is related to the radio link. But I cannot use it, because emonTX is too distant from emonPI and the radio link doesn’t work very well.

So, which is the correct way to recalibrate emonTX+emonESP readings?

You can’t. The WiFi/Ethernet input bypasses emonHub completely, so the emonTx sending using the ESP8266 and your LAN will never appear in emonHub.

You must disconnect the ESP8266 from your emonTx, and connect a programmer in its place. Then you can access the on-line calibration - when you power the emonTx with the programmer connected, you’ll see some help text that will give you the details. You must save the settings before you power down and then reconnect the ESP.

Uh, I don’t know if I am able to do that.

So, I think I will try the following workaround: use the “calibrate” function in the inputs page, modifying the values Vrms and P1. Am I right? Could it work that way?

Thank you.

Do you not have the programmer (or the older one that does the same job)?

Yes, that will work, but changing the voltage calibration will not affect the power values, you must adjust each of those separately as well.

Uh, no, I do not have the programmer…

Well, thanks, I will change power and voltage values, thanks.