Calculating costs with time of day with solar

Hi All, new to this site and considering purchasing an emonpi etc.
before i make the plunge, I am currently on net metering in Australia
which means that I have 4 different time charges Monday to Friday
and 2 different time charges for Saturday and Sunday, with the app
“my Electric”?? am I able to get a roughly accurate cost of current consumption
and the same cost for excess solar being sent back to the grid
current cost is around 10c for off peak and 22c for the 2 shoulders and 52c peak
weekends are only off peak and shoulder
send back to the grid at 6.1c
I also have 2 inverters feeding into my system

sorry all new to this and had a far go oflooking for answers through the threads


disappointed no one can help… looks like this unit is not for me …so save some money…

Sorry, I didn’t spot your post. There’s been some recent discussion about this. From memory, I think you can do it with Node-Red or similar. As you can probably tell, I’m not an expert in this area, so someone who is could possibly help.

Yes I think it was @Paul ??

I don’t think it was me, but I seem to recall it was raised as a potential enhancement to the mobile app?


little search used on the forum gives this topic

Hope you find your reply in there