Cabling an sdm630 for pv inverter monitoring. Like for a load or inverse?

Hello guys!
There is some years that I follow oem, now it is time to go active!
I am actually cabling an electrical box with eastron meters to monitor my PV inverter.
2x sdm230 with shunt for DC strings and a sdm630 for the AC.
My simple question is shall I cable the SDM630 like a standard load or reverse? i.e. shall the logged power for a generator be positive or negative??
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That is your choice. :smile:

Our convention is energy flowing into the home is positive, energy flowing out is negative. But this is only the way we work. So long as you are consistent, then you can choose your own rules.

If you follow our rules & convention, the inverter supplying the house is positive. When you add the inverter and the grid infeed, you get the total used in the house. If you use less than the inverter supplies, you export the energy and the grid power & energy are negative.

Thanks for your fast feedback Robert!
And for next weekend job my second inverter is hybrid with a battery. So discharging is positive as it feeds energy to the house?
Thanks for your support

Yes, that is how I would see it.

Of course, charging the battery is a load - just like charging a phone. And I think it still makes sense because the inverter losses eventually appear as a load and that’s correct because they heat the house. :smile:

And how to consider my cat? Positive to heat my house or negative to decrease the efficiency of the heating system :grinning:

Definitely positive :smiley_cat:

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