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are there any python examples on how i can query the status of a button on the dashboard?

I have build up the control of an electrical heating panel and data is coming in to emoncms, very pleased with that part

but the heating control pi has a latching button to override the regular target temp, that i want to replace with a button on the dashboard

my python script as ugly as it is are here: https://github.com/boelle/G-controlled-electrical-heating/blob/master/pinest.py

just for those that are interested :slight_smile:

i found out that this is how to get the status of a feed:


i can sure find some examples on how to use python to get the feed value and put it in a variable and act on it

now on the dashboard: Emoncms - user login

i have the orange line that shows the status of the hardware button…

would it be as simple as telling my pi not to send the status of the button…add one on the dashboard and connect it to the same feed?

Emoncms.org buttons don’t change status
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mauro filippo
Hi everybody, I’m new in this forum.
I have had a big problem for the last two days, because I created a dashboard with some buttons that don’t work anymore (they don’t preserve status more than 2 seconds). I’ve been using this program for years daily and it always worked, but two days ago, it stopped working by smartphone. I tried with three different types of smartphones with different operating systems (Windows phone, Android) and with different browsers (Google Chrome, I.E., Dolphin). Operating with Emoncms by PC, it works instead: the button changes status and keeps it. I use this dashboard connecting PC and smartphone to the web site www.emoncms.org.
Help me, please.

Thank you

Ciao Mauro, ho anch’io lo stesso problema . Hai risolto ?

i try to use button in dashboard i got some error “field could not be updated”
how to update feed value in when i press button in dashboard…

Ciao Giampiero, scusa l’enorme Ritardo ma ormai, abbattuto da un problema per me irrisolvibile, ho cambiato strada …
Se x Caso tu hai novità o hai risolto avrei molto piacere di saper come…

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Hello Giampiero, excuse the huge delay but now, knocked down by a problem for me unsolvable, I changed my way …
If you have something new or have solved, I would very much like to know how …


si ho risolto inviando comando Api via html nella funzione tasto del dashboard .

Comunque non è la soluzione giusta ma funziona.

Vedi allegato.

Xively era un’altra cosa.

Peccato che è inavvicinabile per usi casalinghi.

Con emoncms mi gestisco il riscaldamento nella casa di montagna.

E’ un progetto di 6 anni fa’ e non ci metto più tempo perchè oggi costa meno un sistema già pronto.

Manca solo la soddisfazione di averlo fatto.


Grazie comunque.

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