Button dashboard not work

Hello, since I started the paid emoncms service, it does not work anymore on the dashboard button.
Change state for a few seconds and then
returns to its original state. Do not update feed.
With API i works normally.
I tried to rewrite the dashboard, but it does not change anything.
Is there anyone who could help me?
Thank you.

@TrystanLea should be able to help you.

Is there any update in the button behavior?
I followed that link but it seems to be no general solution for that. Is that a dead function?

Sorry for missing the original post. I have been able to fix this now, both for emoncms.org and other installations using the dashboard module.

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That sounds great! But I still couldn’t get it working.
How to get the fixes? Is a simple emonPi - Update in the Administration enough?
Is there some documentation availible how to get a button connected to feed and its usage (e.g. with mqtt).
As soon as I know how to use it I will provide a python script to process the button state.

But in the mean time I have the following problems:

Setup in dashboard:

  • Feed: button
  • Starting value: 2 or higher / -1 / (False/false/FALSE or True/true/TRUE)

Pressing button leads to dialog:

EmonCMS Error

Message: ReferenceError: outval is not defined
URL: http://emonpi.local/emoncms/Modules/dashboard/widget/button/button_render.js
Line: 41
Column: 67

  • Feed: button
  • Starting value: 1 or 0

Field could not be updated

When I change setting in feed list as enclosed, the whole emonpi freezes, even a restart does not help.

The apache2/error.log

PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /var/www/emoncms/Modules/process/process_model.php on line 185, referer: http://emonpi.local/emoncms/vis/realtime?feedid=45&colour=edc240&embed=1

Got it working again:

log in into mysql:

mysql -u root -p emoncms

MariaDB [emoncms]> SELECT * FROM feeds;
MariaDB [emoncms]> delete from feeds where id = 45; (id must be the number of the faulty feed

But as soon as I modify the process list for the feed I connected to the button, the emonpi hangs…