Building an EmonPi in 2023

Hi, I’ve picked up an emonPi board v1.6 on eBay, I think the seller ordered it as part of the kickstarter campaign. I’ve already got an Emon TX so know the systems and I assumed I could plug this into a Raspberry Pi and I’d effectively have an Emon PI

However I suspect its not quite so simple. I’ve tried to find an install guide, is there anything available. I assume I may need some other parts, I didn’t see anything in the store so assume I’ll need to source those elsewhere.

But to get started I was wondering which Raspberry Pi is going to be best for this, I’ve read a Model B or 2 which would have been the most recent back at the time, but are any of the newer ones suitable.

Any assistance much appreciated.

Welcome, Simon, to the OEM forum.

I think first congratulations are in order regarding your purchase.

If you have or can get a RPi 2B, emonCMS will certainly run on it. I’m no Pi expert, I think that until the layout of the connectors on the RPi changed, any version will work.

For a complete emonPi, you certainly need more than just the “hat”, or the “emon front end” as I call it. To actually mate the board and the Rpi, you’ll need an extension header and 3-off 15mm spacers (with screws) to physically secure the two.

You could add (but you don’t need) an LCD display and a pushbutton, and if your Pi doesn’t have Wi-Fi and Ethernet isn’t convenient, a Wi-Fi dongle.

I found these pictures in my EmonPi_V1.6 directory - they might help:

Thanks Robert, thats really useful. The board came with the spacers and the extension header and I will be able to run off ethernet. The challenge might be finding a RPi at a a sensible price!

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Try the shop :wink:

Any Pi should work as the IO pin layout has been constant. The shop may well be able to supply other parts.