Build Scripts

Hi Trystan,

Just ran a fresh install off the master branch and am presented with this.


I presume this is the setup repo?

Is there anything here needed for a non-RPi setup?

If not, can it be excluded please from the install or perhaps made a bit more general when the environment is not an RPi?



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Yes I agree. A note for now, until a more automated approach, in the non emonSD install guide to comment installation of the setup module?
EmonScripts/emonsd.config.ini at master · openenergymonitor/EmonScripts · GitHub

Can do.

I am just working through splitting up the module install a little more so the emonpi/emonbase are only done if the environment is an emonpi.

There is quite a bit that is not commented or explained because ‘we’ know the answer :grin:.

Probably later tonight - I’ll give it a test here.


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Great thanks @borpin

I’m just running another image build here + just merged all master branches to stable. I will post a release update later today.

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If you are reasonably confident in it, release it as 0.1.0. I would not do a V1 just yet :slight_smile:.

One other thing I have noticed is that demandshaper service fails due to the user being incorrect.

I’m currently not installing this as I’m seeing high CPU load when it is loaded.


Interesting to hear, mine seems to be running without high CPU impact. I wonder what the difference is?

The version number for EmonScripts is v1.0.1-beta, the previous release was v1.0.0-beta…

I did wonder if it was because nothing was configured.