Build an energy monitoring android app query

Hi all, I am learning how to build an energy monitoring android app and I am following this guide: (Learn | OpenEnergyMonitor).

I have the energy monitor hardware set up already and now I am trying to make the app to display the power as shown in the guide. Do I need the emon app downloaded or any other online database to get the app running? I read through the guide but I am unsure of how to link up the data from the arduino serial monitor to the app.

Thanks alot!

You do know that you need to get the data into emonCMS - either at or elsewhere, possibly on your NAS server or on a Raspberry Pi on your LAN?

I see. Can I do it without ecomCMS? Or rather with just the DIY current and voltage monitor and the android app?

As I understand it, and looking at what the App does in section 1 “Fetching a feed value”, it is fetching data from and displaying it. So the answer is no. The Arduino doesn’t have any means other than Serial (or radio @ 433 MHz if you have the emonTx Shield, or Ethernet if you have an Ethernet Shield) to get the data out, and it certainly doesn’t have the ability to store more than a few hundred bytes of data. So you’d need to port emonCMS to your Android device, and keep it accessible at all times to receive the data, in order to do anything without either or emoncms running on another server somewhere.

So you’ll need to (as a minimum) send the data to How you achieve that will depend on the hardware you’re using.