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Broken links

I just noticed that on the first two resource links under the Software -> Web App sub-heading are broken. The first one (Emoncms architecture), links to but when I click on that link I just see a login page for emoncms.

Clicking the second link (Input processing) yields the same results, i.e. a logon screen. - Moderator, BT

That’s not helpful to me, in order for me to learn what emoncms is and does.

I suggest that either the links need a new target to some open information that is indeed a resource to me, or the emoncms site needs to reconsider which pages need users to log in before they can read the content.

(for information, my personal policy is not to do business with organizations that require me to log in or even enable javascript to read their ‘information’ pages, as opposed to transacting with them in some way. Others may have a similar reaction and simply walk away)

Edit - changed post title. Edited post - Moderator, BT

Verified. I get the same thing.


The correct link should be:

The emoncms design links are linked from the emoncms github repo:

I have updated building blocks. Thanks for letting me know.

We are working on an overhaul to our documentation, we will soon be launching a new site. The emoncms docs will be at Note: this page is still in development and not recommended for use yet.