Bringing data into my home assistant on my PC

I am attempting to bring in the daily amount of kWh used by the heat pump and the daily amount of heat generated by the heat pump in kWh to my Home Assistant on my PC outside of where the emoncms pi is stored.

I can see some variables in Home Assistant but they are the current data states not the totals for the current day.

I would like to be able to display whats used in and out for the current day and I would like it to reset to zero at midnight. I’d also like to be able to store this data in a database table for future reporting on a daily basis.

I have the following set up as a Utility Meter Helper but think something is very wrong as I’ve not used that much electric according to the app in the day.

What I am trying to show


Entities set up HP Daily Load


HP Daily Output


And this is what I am expecting to be using in the day

It’s interesting that the output is showing only in W or kW and not kWh here

This needs to be in kWh I would have thought as its the power thats been used or generated in the day, not the current rate of power.

Help !!!

I can only choose from

No other entities exist, but they show up on as I highlighted above

which makes me think something is not set up fully here

Yep something wrong with values