Brand New emonBase: Data Disappearing?

Hi, I am hoping someone can help

I just received my emonBase and emonTh2 after using for a couple months. I also have a Brultech GEM (32 circuit monitoring) and also receive some inputs from Home Assistant via the emoncms History integration. All inputs are being received fine and all feeds are reporting.

HOWEVER: On all feeds from both HA and Brultech GEM, while I receive fresh data every 30 seconds, NO HISTORY IS RETEINED. In other words, the data is received and all current readings are correct. But looking at any graphs or apps, no historic data longer than about a minute or two shows (about 5 plot dots). For the emonTh2 I do see history on graphs.

I have done Admin-> Update → Full Update and also rebooted. I dont know linux well. Ive searched forum posts etc.

[I DONT THINK THIS IS RELATED BUT IN CASE IT IS…The only thing I have read that is remotely related was from someone who had used HA History on one instance of emoncms and then started using a different Pi and moved the inputs to that. I had also had my HA History originally feeding to and then changed the config file in HA to point to the emonBase (new key and url). However, I have since directed the HA inputs back to and deleted all HA inputs and feeds on the Base. is again ree3iving the HA feeds without issue and past and current history is showing fine in graphs. The discussion I read about the other user said there is something about emoncms that it cannot receive older data once new data exists. I dont think this applies, but it was the only thing remotely related I found. For reference here is that discussion… [Uploading history to new Emoncms instance - Support - IoTaWatt User Community](Uploading history to new Emoncms instance - Support - IoTaWatt User Community)]

Does anyone have any insights or a road map for me to follow. Since its new, I am willing to completely reset the Base and start over, but dont know how to do that.

Here are some screenshots…

I have no idea how to resolve or troubleshoot this.

Thanks in advance