Booting, please wait - again

As follow up on the Booting, please wait. Happened to me on Friday. Today managed to get a new SD (16gb) and flashed emonSD-21Jul21 (Stable). ( old SD was not seen by my laptop for BalenaEtcher so dumped it). In stalled new SD unit would still not start. I have a Pi power supply but it has wrong connector. What would my next step be?? new power supply ?? new unit ??

In what way would it not start?

You have to be patient when first powered up. I’d reflash the SD Card and try again.

By way of explanation, “Booting, please wait…” comes from the “Emon” front end - the Atmel ATMega 328P processor that does the analogue part, which is the first to get up and running. The RPi should then take over and sent further data via its serial port. It’s difficult to see how the physical connection could have failed, so we assume the RPi isn’t sending via the serial port.

As Brian says, and depending on your RPi version and the speed it runs at, it can take a while to boot.

@Robert.Wall and @borpin . Thanks for assistance. After the new SD and a longer wait, the little machine did start up (had to cancel the new power supply ordered from the shop). I assume it must have been a power spike or something that’s wiped out the SD.
Again Thanks, panic over.

Could just be wear. However, a power filter plug is always a good idea.

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