I have paid for 8 Feeds, and I have 8 Feeds. Yet I logged in today and received an alert that I’m 1Pound overdue. I’m happy to pay my share, but I don’t understand why I’m seeing a charge here. I have added/removed a few feeds for testing (for like minutes at a time), but the charge looks to be slowly increasing. Please review/resolve at your convenience or let me know if I actually need to pay for a 9th feed? UserID: 37517

Hello @seattlerain15

Thankyou for buying credit! there is one last step to complete to get the credit to show. You need to link your OpenEnergyMonitor shop account to your account, see the section below the balance graph:

I’ve initiated the process, you should now have an email asking to verify that you wish to link both accounts, the credit will then appear ~5mins after that :slight_smile:

Thanks looks good now, that makes no sense to me (I could see my account/credits there, but it isn’t linked?), but apologize to bug you on such a trivial issue.