BETA TESTERS REQUIRED: Android App Update for Android 13

We’ve just published a beta update to the Android Emoncms app (V2.3.2) which should enable it to be used with the latest version of Android 13.

If anyone has a phone running Android 13 (codename Tiramisu), please could you give it a go and let us know if it works? You can join the Beta test via the play store or by following this link:

The Android app is very basic and limited in many ways, but it’s good to keep it functional. Our development focus is on the web version of Emoncms which also works pretty well cross-platform on a mobile device.

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Hi Glyn, sorry it’s not working here.

Mobile on getting the following: Unable to download feed list. Please check URL and API settings as well as connectivity to emoncms.

Same error on Amazon Fire 8 tablet.

Thanks for testing, are you connecting to a HTTPS server e.g or a HTTP server e.g local Emoncms?

I’m aware the beta version currently has an issue with connecting to non HTTPS servers, I’m looking into a solution for this. Latest version of Android does not like connecting to non-secure servers

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It’s a non HTTPS local server that I’m connecting to.

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Ok, this non-HTTPS issue should now be fixed, I’ve just pushed the update to the beta channel, please could you test that it works for you?


Installed 2.3.3 on my pixel 6. I am connecting to my emonpi using letsencrypt to provide https on it and it all appears to be working fine.

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Great, thanks for testing

@Michael_Wilson are you able to test on your non HTTPS local server?

Just testing on my Samsung S21 and unfortunately it is not working from the Google play store.

The new version which supports Android 13 is now live on the non beta channel. You should now be able to download it now

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