Best use of Sofar ME3000SP battery Inverter

Maybe you can help an old bloke out, struggling to figure it out. I have just got a ME3000sp, I am confused re the WORK MODES. Is it the case that you choose to use just ONE work mode, IE: auto OR tou OR timed, or are all three interactive ?. My octopus tarriff is very expensive [16:00 - 19:00), and very cheap (04:00 - 07:00) and (13:00- 16:00 ). So in a nut shell, if I charge my batteries in the early hours of the morning (04:00 - 07:00 off peak ) then at 10am the sun shine nicely, my PV’s wont charge the batts as they are already charged from the grid.
So yes, I could use the afternoon cheap rate ( 13:00 - 16:00 ) and that will charge the batts, IF the sun has not already done it before hand.
But how do I get best use of my battery power to reduce PEAK charged grid power ( 16:00 - 19:00 ). If I have to choose just ONE of the modes available ( IE: auto OR tou OR timed ) I don’t see how I can achieve what I want, and even if the modes are interactive, I cannot get my old brain around it. Thanks in advance for any help, David

Welcome, David, to the OEM forum.

I’ve moved your enquiry to a new topic, because it really hasn’t anything to do with Robin’s diverter (which is now under new management in France).

According to my reading of the manual, you can set up 4 “Time of use” modes to correspond with the peak and off-peak tariffs. The note for Timing Mode says “Note: normally this mode is used to test whether ME3000SP can charge & discharge correctly or not. So basically, this mode is used for testing purposes only.” which I think tells you enough - you don’t want to set this mode.
This leaves “Auto”, and if you read the rules, there’s no mention of time, and from the very first line of this section “In auto mode, ME3000SP will automatically charge & discharge the battery.” it looks to me as if it will do just that - ignoring your tariff.

From our point of view, the interesting one is “Passive Mode”, which looks as if you might be able to control the device from somewhere else. The data sheet mentions RS485, and the manual only briefly mentions “remote command”, both of which are encouraging, but we’d need to know a lot more to know whether this is feasible.

I suggest you do some careful tests and observe what happens - or get in touch with your supplier, the manufacturer or their agent wherever you are, and at the same time ask exactly what “Passive Mode” is and what information is available from the unit and what commands can be sent to it.

Sorry for the delay in replying, but I was just trying to think your problem though and do a few tests.

Unfortunately I have not come up with any real answers, as yet.

On my unit it appears that I can only use one mode at a time. My software is V2.00 so this may alter with later versions. I have experimented with the remote control device as outlined in Sofar2mqtt - Remote Control for Sofar Solar Inverters : 13 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables. via the RS485. The hardware bit is fairly easy, but I have not got my head around the software yet. Using this device it should be possible to change the modes remotely to make the system more flexible. As Robert says do not go into timing mode as this disrupts the whole inverter and it can be difficult to restart.

I did read about one setup that used 2 sets of batteries with an automatic changeover switch to overcome your problems but that seems a bit clumsy, and expensive to me.

Have you looked at Sofar Solar ME3000SP Battery Inverters – installation tips | Setfire Labs. ?They have a lot of good advice and tips.

Sorry I cart be of much help at the moment, but will carry on thinking about the problem.

I have an ME3000, (and this is for anyone else reading this in the future)

Auto mode is Charge from excess solar, and discharge to prevent import.

There is a facebook group that has all the software versions.

2.41 is a special one, It seems like its the only one that can have multiple rules in a single day for Time of use, This will likely be the one that you want to use at least initially

Set a rule to charge at night, to X% at Y watts, you can then set a rule to charge at 0w for during the day (it will still charge from solar) and then any time you dont set a rule it is in auto mode, eg it will charge and discharge as required.

Next step is passive mode and full remote control where you can set the charge/discharge/auto/standby modes via external code.

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Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I guess it is an insurmountable problem, in that there is no way the Me3000 ( or myself ) can know if when daylight arrives, if it is going to be a sunny day.
So If I charge batts in the early hours ( off peak ) and get them fully charged, then the sun comes up nice and bright, I have wasted dosh charging from the grid, as I could have charged free from PV.
Inversely, if I dont charge in the early hours and it does not become a sunny day, then I lost the opportunity to charge at early morning off peak rates. As I said, I do also get a 3 hour period in the afternoon ( 1pm to 4 pm ) cheap rate, so I can use the TOU mode set to charge during those hours, and it will actually only charge if it was not sunny enough pre 1pm for the PV’s to charge. Bit clumsy, but I can’t think of any better way.


I have the same inverter as you and currently just have it set in TOU mode and charge up to 100% during the Octopus Go cheap rate. the solar tops this during the day (if there is sun). You can using the Sofar2MQTT setup set the inverter in passive mode and control the charging using this via NodeRed. If you move to version 3.16 of the inverter firmware you can set multiple TOU events which may help you as you could set an event to charge up to a lower % level outside the peak rate to ensure you have enough battery charge to suit your use. Also if you are using Pylontec batteries and are using the “C” variant the newer firmware on the inverter allows you to use the capacity of the batteries better. I would join the facebook group as there is a mine of useful help and information there.


Hi John, Thanks for the info, What is the name of the Facebook page you referred to ?, Thanks David

This might help:

Here’s an example:


This is the group (2) Sofar Solar Inverter - Remote Control & Smart Home Integration | Facebook


HI All, I hope someone can help me. Recently installed an ME3000SP with 4 x 12v agm leisure batteries ( = 48v ). I am getting some confusing readouts from the ME3000 regarding charging current and SOC.
it would be brilliant if someone could kindly advise of the correct values to input, thanks for any help, regards David

Just adding that I also use an ME3000SP with a DIY Lithium battery