Best PV micro-inverters for DIY monitoring?

Hello All.

I am just purchasing a set of several panels with micro-inverters.
I start small (4 panels) and plan to add some more in the future.

What micro-inverters are the most robust and most friendly to open-source-haking solutions?

I’d like to have solid quality micro-inverters (in terms of taking care of PV behaviour) but I would also like to be able to monitor them using some open source tools.

At the final circuit (sum of all PVs), I will use some open-hardware-source device to monitor the total solar power production but I’d like to have my data directly from each separate panel.

For example, Hoymiles uses some proprietary 2.4 GHz NRF wireless modules that are not documented as an open standard.
There is a work-in-progress project available regarding reverse-engineering the micro-inverter communication but not working yet.

Which micro-inverters do you recommend?

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I’ve asked a similar question in other forums for a better chance to receive answers. Thank you for understanding and for any feedback.

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Hi, we have been using the apsystem qs1, which together with the GitHub - patience4711/RPI-APS-inverters: a software for a raspberry pi zero to read the production of aps inverters yc600 and qs1 project and some modifications go great.


Hi! If you don’t mind having a no factory warranty then Enecsys units are available and there are a few open software solutions for monitoring them, all written since the original company went bust.

Hardware can be purchased with upgraded control software that fixes the well known failures that caused Enecsys to go bust in the first place. Speak to Dan Ambrose here:

He is the most helpful guy!

I have 20 units and some monitoring software I adapted from here:

One day I should upload my minor modifications :slightly_smiling_face:

Looks nice. I wonder if apsystem will try to disable this solution in future by changing the firmware and the protocol.
I went with Hoymiles (2.4G version) - mainly because of time pressure (legislative changes regarding photovoltaics, which will take effect in Poland from 01/04).
I hope the challenge to reverse engineer their protocol will succeed.

I saw some Enecsys used devices available for purchase but they are not on the list of certified inverters in Poland.

the WVC-xxx inverter from Chinese manufacturer Kaideng have a 400MHz wireless(or is it 900MHz?) and the protocol has been reverse engineered.

Thanks. I saw they have 2800W (>700W panels). Quite strong.

I wonder why there is no know open-source/open-hardware initiative to build pv-inverters.
Is it a hard pice of science to do it properly?