Beginners Setup

Hello members,

I have been in the process of setting up EmonPi to monitor the electricity usage of two house rentals. I have setup the system and am currently running Emoncms Version low-write 9.8.0 | 2017.02.01 on the EmonPi. I have installed EmonCMS 9.8.0 | 2017.02.01 onto a Ubuntu server (16.04) and have the EmonPi reporting to the server.

I have Economy 7 and want to monitor electricity usage for the different periods.

I have done the following and just wanted to ask members that understand the inputs and feeds system if I have the correct setup.

I have two schedules configured:
id | Name | Expression
1 | Day Time | Mon-Sun07:00-00:00
2 | Night Time | Mon-Sun00:00-07:00

My Process list is as such

Any critique welcome. This is the setup for House 1, House 2 is the same but using the 2nd CT input.

Another question I have is that the second house is sometimes giving -'ve readings ie -30 for the power2 input (which the CT is connected to) but most of the time the readings are positive is there anything I should check with the physical installation that may be causing these readings?

Thanks in advance.