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Battery Charging overnight with MySolar

I have MySolar setup and working with my PV system which has a battery, however I decided with very little solar now I should take advantage of my Octopus Go tariff and charge the battery as well as my EV. The inverter is setup to charge between 00:30 and 04:30 but nothing is shown, I assume due to the negative solar feed offsetting the grid pull? I see the solar feed coming in from 04:30 onward, which will be the battery discharging.

I’ve never done any configuring of the the emoncms panels so don’t want to destroy anything until someone points me the right way! Ideally, I would want to see the true grid feed level and a negative solar to be battery charging.

Thanks for any assistance!

Hello @kriscii did you check out the My Solar Battery app, it should do what you are looking for? or is that the app that you have tried already?

Hi @TrystanLea I hadn’t as it looked like it needed feeds direct from the battery? I’ve now taken a look and it looks like I get some different views of the data but still not making much sense.
My Solar Battery

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