Battery board 4.4 and 4.5 for sale in germany

Hi together,
I changed my project from singe battery boards to AiO boards, therfore I would like to sell the already available boards:

I have 100pc 4.4 board with an slight modification on the battery connection:

I have all Attinys (some already soldered) for the boards and most of the connectors.

Additional there are 10pc 4.5 board:

All Attinys also available.


Hello Chris,

Do you still have boards available ?

Sincerely yours,


hello Kevin,
sure, what do you need?

Hi Chris, I would need 50 boards, with shipping to France,

Thanks, Kévin

HI @Nrvnqsr, shouldn’t be that big issue, what exactly do you need?

May just write me a PM.


I have a Peugeot Partner Electric from 1999 that had NiCd batteries, I would like to replace them with li-ion or LiFePo4 cells, about 160v~

I will also need a controller, that I can order directly if needed,