Batchelors thesis EmonCMS connectivity module

Hi all,

I am trying to create new connections module (to replace WIFI module view) in EmonCMS as my batchelors thesis and I would like to collect some input on the matter from the real users of the EmonCMS (new to the EmonCMS and EmonPi). The input can be anything that sort of lacks in the current built. The main idea is to create functional but yet easy to use module which allows to get all needed connectivity-related data and set all setting in the way as the enduser should be using (Easier and simplier to understand).

These are the top functionalities I have found to be badly needed:

  1. Connections prioritizing (User can set the priority in the settings and create rules for the priorities in use. Example when wifi signal drops too much then automatically switches to 3G etc.);
  2. Data use per connection and statistics based on it (Using 3G will use up GBs and therefore the user could plan ahead so the device wouldnt end up having all the data used and become disfunctional);
  3. Clearer information in module/upper dashboard which connection is in use (one of the testers I had managed to not find any information that the device was using LAN connection when trying to connect to the WIFI);
  4. Connection alerts.

Will be open to all the conserns/consepts/ideas no matter how looney they might sound :)…