Bargraph shows wrong daily values

Emoncms Version: 10.1.11 installed on ubuntu but I think problem has been always? I found similar posts but no cure.
When checking how many pulses has come day 00:00 to 23:59 it is always different than in bargraph. I think the bargraph time is not 0:00. Why and how to fix it? In this example the difference is not much but usually it is 5kwh example. My timezone is +2.00 if that affects but perhaps it is database type?
1pulse-2pulse value is 64604

Hello @Tomi_Saloranta

Try creating the bargraph using mode = daily, like this:

its also worth double checking your timezone setting on the My Account page, is it the same as your browser timezone?

Now it shows the right value, thanks! I double checked the timezone and tried it 0:00 with no difference. In somepoint i noticed that in the bargraph there is date and time 2:00 where it should be 0:00.

Anyway now i know how to put it right.

One question…how to put it on dashboard bargraph because there is mode on/off?
If I put it on the bargraph is empty. With d and mode off there is wrong value.
Some install problems on modules or what it could be?