Bargain / Free EmonTx 3.4, Huzzah EmonESP WiFi, AC-AC power supply and 4x 100A CTs - Almost new

Just a few weeks old and hardly used, but all complete and working. I found I couldn’t do what I hoped to be able to do with it so it needs to go to someone who can make good use of it. The sketch on the EmonTx is a 3-phase one setup for my needs so the buyer will need to know what they are doing and be able to configure appropriately for their situation.
If someone has a suitably deserving environmental, educational or other cause or charity for which this can be used I would be prepared to donate the kit.
Please make me an offer for the whole lot. Price was £135 from the shop. I’ll post (in UK) included in price offered.
Payment via bank transfer or PayPal would be fine.