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Bar widget development

@Andreas_Messerli has kindly done some development work on the bar widget, which has just been merged into the feature/barwidget-rework branch of the dashboard module.
Main features are;

  • Allow Title
  • Allow Label colour
  • Allow font selection
  • made the value slightly smaller to make it fit better into the bar when graduations are off.
  • should not break existing bar widgets.

It’s available for testing & feedback, and can be obtained by switching git branch by running the following commands from within the dashboard directory;

git checkout feature/barwidget-rework
git pull

…and to return back to the master branch;

git checkout master
git pull



Has anyone tried it? any feedback for Andreas?


The dashboard ‘bar’ widget enhancements have just been merged into the dashboard master branch, which enables customization of the widget as described above.

To update;
Emonpi users
Run the emonpi update script
Self builds
git pull from the dashboard directory

Thanks again to Andreas.



I believe the units are incorrect in the image. The flux capacitor needs 1.21 jigowatts (gigawatts) to operate.


And if I recall correctly, wasn’t the speed 85 MPH? :wink:

lol no! don’t you know anything about space time continuum and flux capacitors? 88 mph is required to achieve the temporal displacement and activate the flux capacitor, that my sir is what makes time travel possible! :joy:

I see even 1 foot per nanosecond is under threat!

:joy: I like that Dashboard Paul :slight_smile: What about a 2d DeLorean GIF which visualizes the speed and gets faster with the speed until suddenly, when you reach the 88mph disappears haha :slight_smile: 80 style dasboard, yeah

Any other feedback about the widget itself is really appreciated :wink:

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Agree! you’ve put a lot of work into developing the bar widget. It would be nice to get some feedback from other members…