Bad News about Octopus Go!

After my earlier posts I went back to check on a few things and came across some BAD news, which may be REALLY BAD news!

As of October 10th Octopus are suspending all of their smart tariffs! My Octopus Go renewal is due in about 3 weeks and at this point it is VERY unclear what options will be available for time shifting users. Looks like Octopus GO is now restricted to those who still have an EV (doesn’t work any more for us as a single car in the depths of the countryside) so if renewal is an option (does’t look like it) and they ask the specific question I will probably have to 'fess up.

Have to wait and see what they say when the renewal comes up, but I have a bad feeling about all of this. The only bright spot is that I now have a VERY detailed analysis and history of our usage and can shift a considerable amount of import to off peak periods (if they still exist). The investment made in EmonPi, domestic battery and solar power will still be worth it, but perhaps the substantial savings are coming to an end and we will have to break out the blankets like everyone else!! :unamused:

Be interesting to see what other actively energy conscious people on here come up with to minimise the pain!

The message at posted at the top of says this:

Important: The government’s Energy Price Guarantee discount does not apply to new fixed term tariffs agreed after October 1, both for new customers and existing customers renewing.

To date, all our smart tariffs have been fixed term products, so we are temporarily pausing registrations for Octopus Go, Go Faster, Go Green and Intelligent Octopus whilst we create new products which will work with the government schemes.

Accelerating the EV revolution, and using cheap green electrons when they’re abundant, has always been incredibly important to Octopus, so we’ll make this quick: we expect to be back up and running this week. If you’re coming to the end of your tariff we’ll be in touch then with more information and your options.

That last paragraph gives hope that this is will be resolved pretty soon…

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We have Economy 7 on a non smart meter. Our E7 clock is set somewhat wrong though(?) and gives us cheap rate from 3am to 10am in summer and 2am to 9am in winter.
What this means is that I have to kick my wife out of bed early at the weekend so that she can get all her chores done on cheap rate. :wink:
Our E7 rate went down 5p from 16 to 11p but day went from 34 to 44p. I do have solar and a battery though.

Similar here. Night went from being 9p cheaper than day to a massive 31p cheaper.

I suspect someone miscalculated how the UK Energy Price Guarantee is applied to E7, but maybe they want to really really encourage us to make the radiators glow in the early mornings!

I was hoping to switch to Intelligent Octopus after winter. Making most of my slightly cheaper locked in day price now and then switch when solar can do more during the day.

Hopefully when they have navigated the hugely anti-competitive government policy, their 7.5p/40p pricing and Intelligent tariff stays.

Sounds like they just need to remove the fixed aspect of the tariff. But I get the feeling they are using this as excuse to re-jig their EV tariffs.

New Go rates have been published: Octopus Go | Find your rates [FAQs]

Looks like they’ll be charging 12p per unit at night for all regions, 40p or more for daytime.

Also note that this is a variable rate tariff. They say it’s because “fixed-term contracts aren’t compatible with the government’s Energy Price Guarantee”. They’ve also said “Go Faster is taking a break for now”.

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Thanks for the update.

There’s also Intelligent octopus, at 10p/kWh for 6 hours, the best choice if you have compatible car or charger.

Related, new prices for Agile have been released this week → Agile pricing explained | Octopus Energy

Basically, it has a 17p discount from the Energy Price Guarantee, and is capped at 100p.


100p cap? Anyone know why I’m still seeing a 35p cap in the My Agile Octopus app?

Cos you’re still on the original AGILE-18-02-21 tariff, which is fixed until the end of your contract. The new AGILE-VAR-22-10-19 tariff will be for new customers / renewed contacts.

More info can be found at Octopus Agile - Energy Stats UK

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I’m not on either and just using the app to estimate if it might be worth switching. I will see if I can change which tariff the app uses.

OUCH ( unless i misunderstand your usage) your cheapest rate is higher then my highest rate. ~8p would be my highest rate my lowest is ~4p and your average household income at 31000 Canada is 36000 – when I do a currency conversion- though we do use more energy because it much much colder here. but still as your average usage is 3700kwh per year Canada average is 12000kwh, but at the end of the day we pay about the same per year for energy. which sort tells you there alot of energy number fixing going on and alot is based on cost the consumer households will bare in the UK

I think it’s not as simple as changing the tariff code. octopus.php loads the data from a app/dataremote URL on the same host (to get around javascript’s problems loading remote URLs) which seems to load feeds from a endpoint (id numbers listed by region in the octopus.php), not from using API.

The feed/getmeta.json endpoint doesn’t tell me whose feeds these are. Does anyone know? If I can’t find who it is, I guess I’ll need to set up some similar local feed to import the prices for the new tariff and edit the app to load that instead.

Finally, is this “phone home” to mentioned anywhere in the interface or docs? I feel like the app should mention that it’s effectively sending some of my activity to emoncms, not Octopus. If it does and I’ve missed or forgotten it, fair enough, that’s my error.