Bad data in emonESP transmission

I use an emonTX with emonESP wifi antenna to send data to my emonPI. Yesterday the data transmission stopped; I looked at the inputs list and the logs and I found a lot of bad data and bad inputs.

I think that the problems lies in how emonESP transmits data: these are some lines of its log file:


Besides, data are not sent to

What can I do to fix the problem?

What have you tried? Reboot?

Has anything else changed/happened? Powercut?

I rebooted the emonPI and the emonTX: nothing changed. I deleted the spurious entries in emonCMS inputs list, but eventually they were recreated.

Did you completely power down the TX and Pi? i.e. remove all power (and the 9V supply)?

Yes, completely.

Odd that it should have started misbehaving. The emonESP man is @glyn.hudson .

This is the log on the emonESP?

Yes, copied from the emonESP web interface.

Sorry, I don’t have any solution.