AVR-DB: emonTx V4, new hardware in progress

Ahh, I had it backwards. The schematic I posted is actually the old design.
That makes more sense. And yea I didn’t consider noise.

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Hi there, just wondering if you have an updated ETA for the new hardware? Thanks!

Production is starting next week! We should have the boards ready in the shop in a couple of weeks :smiley:


The long wait has been mostly the PCB production and component sourcing which happens first. Our contract manufacturer now has everything in place to do the SMT assembly starting next week!


Super awesome! Looking forward to it! Moving from Flukso to emon! YAY!


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Any updates team? :smiley:

We should be getting assembled units next week :smiley:

Expect them to be in the shop in 1-2 weeeks




I want one


I’m Spartacus, and I want one too,… :slightly_smiling_face: :rofl:


No, I’m Spartacus!

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Thanks all!

A couple more pictures of the new boards, we received the first 50 out of 500 today, here are just a few:

A fair bit of final box build assembly to do over the next few days alongside getting the shop entry online in the shop.

Here’s an installation example, this one is at my house, a small bit of trunking is magic for hiding away the CT wires! :slight_smile:

I have the EmonTx4 transmitting to a raspberry pi with our new SPI RFM69 radio receiver board in the livingroom attached to a Elecrow 7" IPS display. Il post up more about that soon.


Here’s another example installation with emonTxV4 and 6x CT sensors in my house:

I’ve actually got the emonTx V4 hardwired via USB-C to the emonBase (hence no antenna) and the emonBase is powered by the emonVS which in turn is hardwired to 240V via a 6A RCBO which makes for a tidy installation without any power adaptors.

Most of the CTs are installed inside the fuse box / consumer unit and run down to the emonTx V4 via some flexi conduit and trunking


You guys are living the dream… I think I will have to invest when they are up on the shop.

What’s the plan with the expansion board? I assume its a way out yet and next year?

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Thanks @whitecitadel

Yes expansion board is some way off. We’ve been focused on just getting the core single phase + 6 CT input configuration sorted for now. The next step is 3 phase firmware support and then later expanding to 12 CT’s.

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Thanks, and understandable.

6 Circuits would get me started with finally monitoring divert to the hot tank properly (no mains in airing cupboard, so not ideal with EmonTX on battery) plus the main house rings and perhaps the cooker as the heavy lifting load.

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These look brilliant - great word lads!

I haven’t been keeping up-to-date but I see there are plans for an ESP32 adaptor board, presumably to give WiFi connectivity? Are there any plans for an ethernet version of the EmonTX V4?

I am a big fan of ethernet, particularly for mission critical pieces of kit like my EmonTX (Arduino shield on an Etherten controller).

Not that I am aware of. You can always connect something like a Pi or Pi Clone to the serial output. Because of the form factor, there is currently not enough room to do this as an internal add-on. At some point the RFM could be replaced with an Ethernet port (in terms of space).

There is an esp board (WT32-eth01) with builtin ethernet which should be possible to easily use with the ESPHome component.

Yep, something like the WT32-ETH01 is exactly what I was thinking about. I can’t wait till these are available - I currently have 4x of the EmonTX arduino shields (1x in my current house running perfectly, and 3x waiting for my new build) but this v4 might make life a bit easier.