Automate Postprocess?


Is it possible to automate the “run process” in emoncms/postprocess ? If so, how, please?

I’ve got everything setup and working on my dashboard, but I had to use post process to get reliable kWh figures, so would like it to run daily by itself…


Hello @phproxy, there isn’t a way to automate this at present from within the postprocess module. Is there a reason that you cant use the power_to_kwh input process?

Hi @TrystanLea

The power_to_kwh module was producing kWh figures which were incorrect, almost double to what my smart meter shows.

The kWh value produced from the post process pretty much matches the meter.

Hello. Has there been any development on automating the post process? I tried running the script in the readme file but it does not process the two feeds I have.

Thanks in advance.

Which process du yu want to use with your 2 feeds ?
In Postprocess module, things have to be run manually but they should work…

I am currently running one processes on two inputs. Both are running powertokwh. Just recently, I started using the Power to kWh on the input feed. However, I have a lot of history currently in the database that I used the post process to convert to kWh and would like to continue using that data in my graphs until such time as the input conversion can show me a month or so of historical data. At that point, I can stop using the post-process. I would like to automate the post process so I do not have to continually access the website and push the buttons.

@MnMac2000 did you ever solve this? I have exactly the same scenario.

This post refers to the same problem: Post Processor - help needed - Moderator (RW)

Hi @karimelc

I never did find a resolution to this issue. What I am finding is my data gets corrupted every couple of months and I have delete all the data and redownload. So the Post Process for the backup data wasn’t necessary any longer.

Good luck.

Is there a way to force the post-processor via command line or similar?