ATR144 modbus PID controller

Apologies if this is not the appropriate forum for this post.
I have an electric range cooker which was converted from oil-fired to electric some years ago – and now serves as primary heating source in kitchen/dining area (no UFH in that part of the house yet). Like most ovens, it uses a PID controller.
I’ve managed to get a newer version of the PID controller device from the manufacturer, Pixsys, that uses modbus.

Inspired by what I’ve learned running an emonpi for the last year or so, I’d like to be able to manage the range so that it’s running at particular temps at different times of day/night.

So, I bought an additional pi for experimenting, plus a pi-hat for modbus, and I’ve loaded minimalmodbus which is now installed into virtual enviroment named (tutorial_env). pyserial (which is only requisite) also confirmed installed.

Essentially, there’s only one register containing temp variable in the PID device that needs to receive commands at designated times. Using Windows-based app provided by PixSys I’ve tested this register and it does what I need it to do.

Where I’ve hit an impasse is getting to grips with writing code for minimalmodbus that will test and confirm pi+hat+PID combo will work as hoped. If I can get that far, then I can start work on some sort of app or perhaps integration with Heatmiser thermostats or other BMS).

Would greatly appreciate any pointers to code snippets for pi talking to modbus registers.

many thanks!