Atmega 8

Dear Sir,

I successfully implemented energy monitor using arduino (ATMEGA328P) but I want help to implement on ATMEGA8 so please helpful at software side.

Apurva Rana

Welcome, apurva_rana to OEM.

I cannot remember seeing anything here about an Atmega 8.

However, it is part of the same AVR family as the ATMega328P, and there is help on the Arduino forum with how to program it using the Arduino IDE:

I have quickly looked a the data sheet and it looks as if it is indeed very similar to the '328P, so I don’t think you should have many problems in converting the sketch and library.

Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone here will want to buy an Atmega 8 so that they can develop a new library and sketch for you, nor have the time to do that.