As of 2022-05-01 there is still funding for 8,000 monitoring packages (MMSP)

In my experience the funding is enough to get the UK government to pay for all the extra monitoring equipment you need and it was trivial to get it added to my order and the payments arrive with my Renewable Heat Incentive payments.

Does anyone know if it’s still available?


Interesting, I thought this was closed now but maybe not?

When I applied for RHI my understanding was that I could apply for MMSP at any time through my 7 years until the allocation of MMSP funding was complete, which the chart suggests there is plenty left.

I would expect this to be available to anyone who has RHI, not sure about anyone else though, I didn’t have that in mind when I read it originally.

I am tempted to get it to pay for the heat meter etc but I don’t really have anyone to have a contract with to get the periodic payments.

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But this is what really worries me about heat pumps in general; that clearly in order to make them run efficiently in assorted British housing stock, we need installers to spend time understanding the detailed monitoring we are doing here and elsewhere.
Unfortunately it seems the nature of the installation business is to put the stuff in and hope there are no non-chargeable call-outs so I fear that in a few years time that heat pumps will have a generally bad name because people won’t understand how to run them to make their houses comfortably warm without a massive electricity bill.

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which leads to:

Specifically it’s for replacements, not new buildings.

So the new scheme is 450million GBP over three years and is a fixed payment of 5,000GBP to help with an air source heat pump.

The MMSP docs really do appear to be tied to domestic RHI:

BTW I’ve put all those pages in the wayback machine, just in case.

I’ve also sent this to [email protected] :


There’s an active community of people trying to improve their heat pump performance.

Some of them are using the Metering and Monitoring Service Package (MMSP). There appear to be about 8,000 applications open before it gets to the 11,255 limit.

I was wondering if the MMSP scheme was going to allow new applications so more people can monitor their heat pump performance? Will they need to be part of the Boiler Upgrade Scheme or can they simply ask an MCS certified Installer to fit an MMSP to an existing heat pump?

Many thanks

David Bowen

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Just cannot see this being economically viable for most folk right now even with this ‘incentive’. I’ve just replaced my Boiler with an ATAG boiler and a 13 yr guarantee so hopefully by then, the market will be far more mature :slight_smile:

Article on well-used news site:

Almost true - fortunately as we’re currently building, it is open to self builds - just getting a quote for a small system under the boiler upgrade scheme…

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The Domestic RHI: Essential Guide says:

MMSP registration applications will close at midnight at the end of 31 March 2022,
meaning all applications for MMSP registration must be submitted to us by this deadline.
However, if you replace your installation (Chapter 3, Section 9) you will need to make a
new registration application to continue receiving MMSP payments. Registration
applications can be made up until 31 December 2028.

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