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Are there expected 'out of stock' items for the controller and shunt?

in the video on the 4.4 module you say that the processor is expected to be out of stock at jlbpcb and plan to get it elsewhere, for the esp32 controller and shunt modules, are there parts expected to be out of stock as well?

trying to order the controller, they are out of
C3,C4, U1 (will reorder per support)
U3,U8 (not stocked)

trying to order the shunt they are out of:
U2, U4, U5, C6, C14

I’ve got almost everything I need but I’ve been trying to order the newest controller for many months now and they’re always out of the same 5 (or 6) components.
Is anyone else experiencing this level of stupidity? C3,C4 don’t even show as being an available item anymore, while the other 4 just show 0 in stock.

Please advise. This controller has just become the final needed piece for my entire setup. I’ve even already purchased my Sol-Ark 12K.
Thanks for any ideas.

5+ months without getting even one component back in stock is ridiculous. My solar panels, my batteries, etc., everything is ready and still no BMS. Sorry Stuart, but I had to order the Batrium. If I decide to do a second smaller system for the battery bank used to charge the car, I’ll think about diyBMS then.
And all JLCPCB says is I can “order a whole reel of 5,000 or 10,000 components” if I want to guarantee the parts are in stock when I order my small order of 5 controller boards. They’re all taking advantage of this shortage and the world knows it. Does anybody know a chip & board house in the US?

It is not just JLCPCB, your supplier. It affect others too:

And I think that’s a US website, referring to cars delivered over there.

Try waiting double that for parts to ship that have already been paid for. This is impacting much broader than just diyBMS components.

Also note that I ordered ten shunt PCBs populated from JLCPCB last week and aside from a couple known components that they don’t stock they had everything. The components that they did not have I sourced from other suppliers, including ordering from TI directly (cheaper than DigiKey/Mouser and they had stock!).

From your image posted previously showing various components as “inventory shortage”, a few of those have direct swaps available but the ones below you will need to source elsewhere:

  • TCA6408 - required, used for relay control
  • TJA1057GT/3 - optional, only used for the CAN interface which is only used for Victron support, if you are not using Victron equipment you can skip this safely for now.
  • TCA9534A - required, used for: LEDs, CAN, TFT.
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