Are there any guides how to send info to Grafana/MQTT/INFLUX

title says it all

Are there any guides how to send info to Grafana/MQTT/INFLUX

I have no idea where to start. Never used any of it before.

Want to create a custom dashboard

Hi Jon, no not really or least nothing official per se, but this question has come up more than once and there have been several discussions and suggestions etc. Try searching this forum for “Grafana” and/or “Influxdb” for plenty of bedtime reading.

Searching fore “MQTT” will not help your quest much as that is a method of data communication rather than a target for your data so the wide net will pull in loads but very little will be relevant. There is some OEM focused “MQTT” info in the guides that may help you set up the OEM end.

Edit - Only just spotted the “diyBMS” tag, I was speaking more generally about OEM gear. Although I suspect there may still be some useful info on the forum, just less specific to diyBMS. You could also checkout iotawatt as that has capability to send to influxdb/grafana and is esp8266 based, so maybe a more concise implementation and more relevant to your project.

Pretty sure the output is sent to MQTT so there are nodes in Node-Red that interface to InfluxDB, so that might be the easiest route.

If it’s Stuart’s DIYBMS the OP is speaking of, here’s a thread he may want to have a look at:

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