Are E-On energy meters suitable for energy monitor?

Hello, I currently have smart meters from my previous supplier (British Gas I think)
The electricity meter has a led that blinks every Wh, so I was able to create a pulse counter using a photoresistor.
The gas meter only has a display showing the total count of m3, but it only activates when I press a button
The electricity meter seems to have a Vodafone number written on it, but I think that was used to send reading to the old supplier.
I also have a display to which the meters send data, no idea what radio protocol that is, I don’t think it can be intercepted…

The current supplier (E-On) wants to install its own smart meters

I’d like to know in advance what kind of meters they install; I would like to retain the pulse counter on the electricity meter, and ideally have something similar for the gas meter (which I currently have no way to read)

Does anyone know?

You would need to ask them. It is likely you have a SMETS1 and one would hope they will install a SMETS2 (google to find the difference).

Most likely this will still work.

Unlikely. E-On may offer a way to download the data like Octopus do in 30 min blocks.