Arduino error on compiling sketch

Hi all
I have a really weird error that I’ve taken a screenshot below, on compiling a known working sketch, I keep getting the error previously defined here
For the life of me I cant work out what’s causing it.


Is your JeeLib up to date? Have you checked the Arduino forums? I’ve a suspicion that I’ve seen something about incompatibility with the latest Arduino IDE release there.

Hi Robert
Yeh I’ve had a good goggle about but couldn’t come up with any solutions.
What version is best to use?


Just tried with Jeelib version 10 and 11, no change, I’ll try and force the other modules to an earlier version.

Found the problem, I had another sketch in the same folder and it was including it in the background.

I’m using Arduino 1.6.8 and JeeLIb from April 2015! The standard default sketch compiles for me without a problem. It’s also compiled successfully with a JeeLib updated only this afternoon.

See you found it while I was searching.