AQY282SX no longer manufactured

Hello all, I went to order the all in one complete build from jlcpcb and this part AQY282SX was not available and stated that is is no longer manufactured.
@stuart are there any other parts that can replace this which jlcpcb would have and be able to assemble?
JLCPCB does not give the option to pre purchase.

You can try part number C2691601
Letex LT219-1

1 Form A(SPST-NO) 1.2V 60V 0.13Ω 1.3A AC,DC SOP-4-2.54mm Solid State Relays - MOS Output (PhotoMOS) ROHS

I use this on my all-in-one board, and similar specification to the panasonic unit

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been a long process ordering these all in ones. missing part, pre order it, order again, another missing part;) finally went to BOM Tool - JLCPCB Parts Library and pre-ordered all parts. lets see how it turns out.

UPDATE: received 5xcontrollers, 5xall in one, 5xpassive balance pcbs.
The process was like this…
try to order, missing part, preorder part, order again, missing part…etc.
Support provided the link above and I ordered all parts from the BOM.
A couple of weeks later they were in stock. Placed the order. Note there was an alert stating some items in bom not in cpl. Continued and placed order.
As it turns out if the parts are in bom, and all purchased, but not in cpl, they will not be assembled.
So now I have paid for parts sitting in JLCPCB and need to either order more parts to finish or pay JLCPCB to ship parts as per this website Components Pickup Pricing.

@stuart or others, would you happen to have a list of headers and connectors, or the missing items from bom to cpl that could be ordered directly from aliexpress?

All parts should have an LCSC stock code on them - including the headers and sockets etc.

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Any thoughts on where to order the 17pin connector besides digikey?ürth-elektronik/691361300017/11477481ürth-elektronik/691361300017/11477481

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