Apps not allowing selection of all feeds /

I’ve created a couple of virtual feeds to do some math for my power generation (I have two solar systems). Also, total consumption is a calculated value of all the solar being generated + the mains power. I know I need to make this more complex to account for subtracting mains power if my solar is greater than my usage. But for now, I have a couple simple feeds:

However when I got to configure the My Electric app, it doesn’t show these to select. None of the options available are of any use to me at all.


Welcome to the forum Daniel.

The issue facing you is not a new one. The powers that be decided on our behalf that we would only want to use the phpfina feeds in any of the apps. See the threads linked below for some info on how to edit your local emoncms app module to use other feed engines, the virtual feed engine is “7”. But beware that manually editing your local emoncms will most likely block future updates as that’s how git works. You will need to remove or “git stash” your changes to pull in updates and then reapply your edits again, tedious I know, the only alternative is to only use phpfina feeds, which doesn’t work well with summing inputs from multiple devices unless you have the devices posting in absolute and unflinching order/harmony.

Well, that is unfortunate. Thank you for the update. Apparently not only just phpfina feed, but just the first node is available, my second node is not listed in that dropdown either. This basically makes this app useless. I’m not going to hack it to do the most basic thing like this. I recommend that the powers that be consider a workable solution. I mean, this seems a core part of the purpose of this software. If it is not flexible enough to handle adding up power, and getting power readings from multiple locations, it’s not going to be very useful. I’m moving on to other solutions I guess, which is too bad, I had high hopes for emoncms being the right solution.

To be clear, the rest of the project is fantastic! I’ve spent the last four days building a system here, and am really enjoying the material provided on how to setup monitoring. That’s what surprises me. So much information and flexibility on all the other aspects of this project, to fall short on the last step of how it gets displayed is so disappointing!

See Apps feedlist issues you maybe able to get those other phpfina feeds to get listed by ensuring the feed names are unique.

Interesting, I will check that out. That would at least get over problem one, but still leaves the virtual feeds out, and those are the most important. Thank you for your information and help. I have quite a few comments and feedback on my work over the last few days. I’m not sure if I’ll post it here, or just send it directly to the powers that be.