APPS - Help Please

Hi guys,

I am new to the community and have progressed quite a lot with the setup of my data and graphs. Great tips and help from the community, thanks.

I do however need some assistance.

I have created an app but it does not show any data, only the loading circle spinning in the middle. it also does not allow me click the spanner to edit or delete.

Any suggestions please?

Thank you

One suggestion - tell us what you are talking about!

We’re not like this guy, so some details will help. Which is it, what is it running on?
What directory did you install it in?

Could you post some screenshots? Are you running emonPi or self build Emoncms?

Hi Guys,

I am building my own system with custom software on Pi posting to EMONCMS.
I have created an APP in EMONCMS but it does not update any values nor allow me edit via clicking on spanner.

I would appreciate some assistance how to remove the app.


When did you install or last update the app module? There was a similar issue reported and apparently fixed about a week ago, see the “9.8.6 New App modules config causing loops, cant re-configure nor remove them from menu” thread and you could try updating and see if it still happens.

Hi guys,

I need to add that I am running EmonCMS from my Chrome web browzer in Windows. I assume that opening would be the latest version.

How else should I update the APP module?


Ah are you referring to What is your user account username ?

Hi Glyn,


Username: FlipSnyman

I’ve just taken a look at your account and was able to reproduce the issue you mention. I have asked @TrystanLea to take a look. Trystan designed the app module for Emoncms.

I think it could be something to do with the fact you don’t have much data in your account. The monitor seems to drop off frequently and was last active 10hrs ago.

Hello @FlipSnyman, I’ve fixed this bug, thanks for highlighting.

Hi Trystan,

Much appreciated.


Out of interest, what was the bug?

The bug was caused by an invalid array index due to daily data not being present, which is now better checked for :slight_smile:

Hi all. I’m very new and slowly getting through setting things up, and I too have come across this issue.
Pressing the config wrench also does nothing.

It’s a Time of Use app. I will add that I don’t yet have a full day of data captured, if that is anything that may contribute to this.

EmonCMS Version : low-write 9.8.25 | 2017.12.08
This is a local self build.

In the Chrome console it is throwing up this:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'toFixed' of undefined
    at bargraph_load (view?name=Time of use&readkey=###BLANKED###:753)
    at show (view?name=Time of use&readkey=###BLANKED###:400)
    at Object.config.showapp (view?name=Time of use&readkey=###BLANKED###:353)
    at Object.init (config.js:30)
    at view?name=Time of use&readkey=###BLANKED###:377

Thank you.

Thanks for reporting. Could you try Adding a new app then doing a screen capture of the feeds you are selecting when you first configure the app. I think it could be due to selecting feeds which contain at least 24hrs of data.

Thanks Glyn, I spoke too soon. Once I got to the next day it was populating with data.
Could this be room for some error checking?