Apple HomeKit Integration, Eve History: a new HomeBridge Plugin

Although the EmonCMS website is a powerful tool, it isn’t something a non-technical user can easily find their way around. Inspired by the EmonCMS Energy App, and having recently purchased an Eve Energy wall plug device, I decided to try create a HomeKit accessory that would expose the EmonCMS data inside HomeKit. The resulting NodeJS plugin is here. It allows exposing temperature sensors directly into the Apple Home app, and if you use the Eve App then you get easy history. All of this works remotely too, secured by HomeKit.

It’s mostly complete but I’d welcome any real-world testing and feature requests.


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thanks for sharing @NickT !

Great job @NickT !

In terms of configuration, do we need to manually set up each accessory we want to see in Homekit, or is it linking a feed to an existing accessory?

It creates a new accessory. Note that the accessory is uniquely identified by the serial number that you provide, so if you change that then you get another accessory. You have to do the usual Apple Home app ‘Add Accessory’ to see them, and if it’s the first time you have implemented Homebridge then you’ll need to add the Homebridge instance as a Bridge first. This is done in the same way and is all pretty easy to do in practice as once you’ve added the Bridge, you are prompted for the other accessories you’ve created. Note that only the Temperature ones will appear in the Apple Home app, you’ll need to use the Eve App to add and see what’s happening in the Electricity accessories. The Eve App has a cool feature (available in General Settings) where you can set your price per kWh, you then get daily/weekly/monthly graphs in £s. The Eve App also gives you temperature history.

it doesn’t accept negative values for temperature (I have an external sensor for the outside), is this fixable?

I explicitly set the range -100 to +100 ºC and I don’t transform the value, something else is going on! What error message (if any) are you seeing? Can you run Homebridge in debug mode (-D) and post anything relevant?

Oops, I see the problem… I’ll update it now… stay tuned

I removed that check and tested it with a negative temperature virtual feed, it works for me now. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! You can update the plugin to version 0.10.1 from the Homebridge console.

done, I’ll let you know tomorrow

I confirm it shows negative values correctly