App setup: missing values and app URL

I’ve been logging my heat pump data on a local emonPi and in a SQL database for 3 years. I’ve finally got around to publishing it all on and setting up the MyHeatpump app to publish on (awaiting review).

When I look at the data in the MyHeatpump app, I see days with apparently no heat/electricity data, e.g. November 9th and 10th:

However as far as I can see, all the data is there in the underlying feeds:

Any idea what the problem is?

Also, I managed to find a “public” URL for my app at Emoncms - app view dashboard (by guessing), which I linked to on my published system profile, but otherwise I would have had to expose my read-only API key, as I think many others have. Perhaps it’s worth making it easier to find this public URL and/or blocking URLs that include the API key?

Hi, thank you for submitting your system to

It seems that your kwh feeds contain some nulls, which can happen if the interval of the feed is higher than it is being populated with. For example, if they are PHPFINA feeds created with 10s interval, but values are being logged every 1 minute so the gaps are full of nulls. The feed is being sampled at 00:00 every day, so when that happens to fall between readings, you get a null.

If you’re able to recreate those feeds with the right interval, then the bar graph will look right. Alternate option is to use Log to feed (Join) which fills in the gaps between values, but this isn’t an option if you’re using Power to kwh.

I also notice that on the power chart (when you click on a bar), you have the heat and electric feeds swapped, hence the very low COP.

Was my answer helpful? Have you managed to sort out your feeds? Do you need any more help?