App MyElectric connection error on iOS


Trying to connect to using the iOS app lists the feeds just fine, but adding the MyElectric app always results in a connection error and no graphs showing. I also tried connecting to my own emonpi, but the same error happens and nothing special shows up in the logs. Any thoughts on how to debug this further?

Oh dear, very sorry to hear. What version iOS are using using? Is it possible to post a screen grab to illustrate the issue?

I have to admit that I’m an Android user therefore day-to-day I use the Emoncms android app rather than IOS. However, last time I tested the ios app on an iphone 5c we use for testing it worked fine.

Any ios users able to share your experience? Is the ios app still working ok for you @Jon @bidouilleur ?

If the issue is persisting please could you turn on log debugging so we can view your crash log files via the app store dev account: Settings -> Privacy -> Diagnostics & Usage, and then make sure the "Share with app developers" is turned on.

My EmonCMSiOS is working A-OK. I’ll try loggin out & in.

EDIT: All is still OK. Is your 1st feed a power feed (measured in watts) and your 2nd feed energy (measured in kWh)??

There is an error message if the 2nd feed is left blank.

must admit I didn’t use it since some time, as I have it showing constantly on desktop when home.
First start, indeed graphs gave error. Logged out and logged in the pi for once and no feeds showed (correct there are none), logged out again and logged into my self hosted emoncms (again via qr code) and all feeds show.
Then made a few new apps and it shows normal to me.

So to me the app seems ok, maybe some problem when you don’t use it since long and it can’t get the data ? To much behind maybe ?

Thanks for all the quick replies. It seems I was too hasty, I had activated the app with less than a day’s worth of history on emoncms, but now everything is working fine. I guess the error came from trying to fetch non-existing data to get the day total.

Very happy with my setup now, this project is awesome.