Anyone used the new Daikin Developer Portal?

Background: we’re doing some monitoring of heat pumps in social housing - they’re a uniform installations (latest gen Altherma3 monoblock R32 - WLAN default) but we won’t be able to open up the units (so no ESPaltherma or Faikin).

I’m investigating the European Developer Portal that Daikin launched at the end of last year and I’ve installed this Daikin ONECTA Home Assistant integration (beta but very active), but I’ve no unit at present to test with.

Has anyone tried it and have you been able to get any useful data?

The app/cloud only reports energy used but not heat produced so it’s fairly useless for individual units, but if the houses are same build you could do comparison between different units.

You’d need to manually collect any heat generated stats from the unit itself. I have no idea why Daikin don’t report it, maybe because it’s based on Aircon where they can’t measure it…

Hi Durruti, did you succeed in connecting with the units through the ONECTA API? What are you trying to monitor?

Hi Henri,
I’ve got the developer account setup and have been able to successfully connect to that with the (excellent) HA integration using the onecta oauth credentials, as shown below, but I don’t have a unit to test with as they’re pending installation. Daikin said some time ago they’d send me QR code for testing, but had nothing so far.

In terms of what I’m trying to monitor, it’s mainly about identifying any problems with commissioning or handover for investigation, which we might be able to do with temperature, schedule and status data. I was also hoping we might be able to do some sort of rudimentary carnot cop measurement, as we’ve got external temp, flow temp and power usage, but from the specs it doesn’t look like we’ve got a return temp…

The API is at v1 at the moment, so I’m hopeful that more data points or granularity might be provided over time…

Thanks for the response Ben. There seems to be a bit of a venn diagram in terms of the data available in the app, the data on the API and data in both - which also seems to depend on the model of the unit. Yes, I agree that with the relatively blunt tools on the API (kWh/hr), we might be restricted to comparative data but it’s interesting that you say data for ‘heat generated’ is available on the units themselves. This is something we can follow up with residents as part of workshops perhaps.
Even comparative is a start in understanding why householders report such a variable experience in previous schemes.

Hi Matt,
Very interesting, congrats on the integration. When do you plan on installing the units?

We’re trying to use the same API to actually control the heat pump, with the aim to minimise running costs for users (while meeting their comfort needs!). Perhaps useful to have a chat and see how we can collaborate?

Hey Henri,
Definately up for a chat, we’ve also an interest in control, I’ve DM’d you my details.
Many thanks,

Replied via DM!