Anyone use Quiet Mode with Samsung ASHP to reduce cycling?

My AE080BXYDEG/EU is about 2 x oversized (installer’s conservative MCS calcs, as usual), so cycles every 30min despite a 50 litre buffer tank in the CH circuit.
The ASHP compressor is nominally fixed speed but the manual hints that the one way to force a reduced speed (hence power requirement, hence cycling) is to enable Quiet mode.
Has anybody tried this, and if so does it affect ASHP power (i.e. increase CoP)?

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I have a similar situation with my Daikin, so it’ll be interesting to hear what you find.

I tried quiet mode yesterday and all it seemed to do is restrict the heat pump to the lowest output, which is pretty much what had been happening anyway, 1100w in the case of my 11kw Daikin.

Hopefully you have more luck.

Mitsubishi also has a quiet mode, which I tried for a while. Like Sam says, all it did was reduce the output when it was already running on minimum anyway. May have a bigger impact in deep winter.

I tried quiet mode on my Daikin on Friday as the Daikin employee said it would reduce electricity input and heat produced by 50%.

I can’t see it did anything at all.

I am not sure how it can, if it is heating the water to a set flow temperature and it can do it for less electricity why wouldn’t it already be doing it?

Maybe it cuts the noise when it’s really cold and working hard?

Thanks Sam/Tim.
I’ve been sent this table of “capacity corrections” by my contact at Samsung Support for my model:
The bottom row suggests that the effect is indeed larger in winter, though not a lot.
I’ll give Quiet a try on a cold day, comparing before and after on power consumption and cycle time.