Anyone running an emoncms instance on a server in The Netherlands?

Hi All,

Does anyone know of someone, a group or organization that is hosting it’s own version of emoncms in the netherlands? We like to discuss if and under what terms and conditions we could make use of such an instance in stead of duplicating the effort. Also if possible, can the application be set to the dutch language?

We might have someone who could write some code to connect to an external influxdb via an API, so our user community can use that data i.c.w. emoncms for free

That would be nice! I’m also trying to include influxdb. I managed to include influxdb as feed-type, so saving to influx works. But the whole reading part is still missing …

You can change the default language for creating accounts, just edit the user schema: emoncms/user_schema.php at master · emoncms/emoncms · GitHub

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Exciting to hear that you’ve gotten Influx working as a feed destination! Could you share your work on a GitHub repo? I’d like to take a look at your work and maybe help out with getting reads working so that this could be a drop in module for EmonCMS!

Hi Simsala,

I actually meant to use influx as an external data source, where the application could connect to according to a specified API, after which the collected / requested data should get processed to match the emoncms data structure. The influx source contains live energy readings with either a 2 sec or 1 min reading interval.
Data comes in to influx 24/7 and there are approximately 500 sensors sending data. Not sure emoncms can handle that.

Hi David,

I’d love to get it fully working together with you! I will push it to github next week and share the link …

Update: I pushed my work to github, please see this topic: InfluxDB as new timeseries engine - #15 by Simsala

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