Any way to mark events with text labels?

I’m logging my iotawatt output to emoncms. Using the emoncms API I am also logging several other feed types eg: temperature of different house zones (with particle photons), and water use (using the FlumeTech monitor).
I would like to add timestamped text event labels to my emoncms database. It could help discriminate bw different loads on one monitored circuit or identify on one of the main power line phases a single load on an unmonitored circuit (I have a 30 circuit panel, but only the 13 unique iotawatt channels.
I haven’t used MQTT, but is this an appropriate use?
Should I be looking at integrating something into emoncms or alternatively using something like grafana to create an integrated dashboard?

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I’m absolutely not an expert on emonCMS, but as far as I know, it’s not possible. However, it’s an interesting thought and one for @TrystanLea to know about.

Hello @tgmcnaughton, yes this is not possible with emoncms at the moment Im afraid. If its already supported by grafana then I imagine it would be easier to use that than try to implement such a feature in emoncms?

It is. Grafana calls them annotations.


Just an FYI, I have a similar use-case where I wish to tag an event in my heatpump graphs to show a defrost occurred. In my old system I used a little snowflake icon :slight_smile:

I can get it using numerical fields, even using a mapping of a finite set of values to integers, but of course text would be more clear to consumers.

I couldn’t find a sensible way to implement this when I looked into things about 10 months ago and I’m not pushing for anything to change to accommodate this.

Very clever idea! I try logging a coded value to signal an event.
I think that will work for me.

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